Visions from Beyond

by Old Chapel

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Camryn Marquez
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Camryn Marquez Welcome to the fucking grave! All hail Old Chapel and their atavistic worship of all that is deathly! Their crypt keeper's vocals are monstrous and their guitar tone is primitive and ugly and their percussion is timeless! Oh, that kick drum. Kill me now so that I can die at the height of ecstasy and madness! Favorite track: Towards the End.
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"Everything here is awesome. I liked a lot these high octane guitar riffs, quite influenced by classic death metal in 90’s, as well as guttural vocals with touches of brutality. This sounds excellent and seems to be rooted in Dutch death metal bands from 90’s. As soon as you push play button, you can notice heaviness and rottenness from every note. This is crude and direct to the skull, but everything has good taste en chaos. All tracks are forged in dense atmospheres, made of fast guitar lines and rude structures. Also, I liked because recording is direct to the point and you can hear every detail on instruments. It’s highly recommended, really"

"I want you to go back to the old school. I mean the real old school. I don’t mean the shit that newer bands nowadays make from just taking your run-of-the-mill death metal and mix it very badly and be all ahh! old school! Nope. None of that. I mean that down right nasty shit dug up from the grave of a freshly decomposing corpse and thrown into the ruins of a burned down church. The kind of shit that Old Chapel perfectly embodies with their newest album.
Each and every single song is filled with an unbridled fury, unrelenting bloodthirsty onslaught, and a rage that not even the more heated, fiery depths of Satan’s cesspool of brimstone could compare to. “Visions from Beyond” takes things back a notch with speed and really prolongs your torture and keeps grinding along. However, Old Chapel isn’t afraid to pick up the pace just enough to make you feel like things are actually moving along and the album isn’t monotone a good chunk of the way. That gives “Visions from Beyond” a very concrete versatility that many bands just skip over thinking they can survive on one sound alone, and while Old Chapel fully embrace the old school here they’re not afraid to change the formula ever so slightly to fit their needs. And if that doesn’t grab your attention as a death metal fan, then I don’t know what fucking will.
In a world where people tend to throw around the phrase of “old school” when it comes to defining their death metal, it’s nice to see a band that actually uses the term to its fullest potential, and if you haven’t been able to tell yet... Old Chapel is the latest band to do such. “Visions from Beyond” is nothing to scoff at and should you want a heavy, rotting slab of death metal to add to your diet, and you do"

"Any fans of The Last One on Earth or even Sempiternal Deathreign’s The Spooky Gloom will find plenty to enjoy here with a surprisingly tight rhythm section, evident in the bridges. There’s something timeless about the classic era of metal’s first abomination, especially in this age of hyper-technical brutality, and although I’ll always embrace the evolution of extremity, the uncompromising, primordial ugliness of the old-school never fails to seduce me. Old Chapel promote the same credo, apparent in their engineering of an unadulterated throwback. It’s nice to see that Grond aren’t the only Russian band pumping out quality, archetypal death metal"

"Old Chapel takes the doom and death metal genres of the early 90's and mixes them together with a more up to date approach, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover horror movies and witching rites. In my opinion Old Chapel are a very great sounding old school mixture of doom and death metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band"

"Russia’s Old Chapel plays it old-school. The band’s second full-length, Visions From Beyond, is classic-styled, '90s-sounding death metal, spiced up with some '80s-sounding leads, and the occasional nod to thrash. Old Chapel has a knack for snappy, percussive and catchy riffs, which provide the album with abundant hooks. Furthermore, the band does a good job of giving each track its own feel via inventive arrangements that make good use of dynamic shifts in groove, tempo, and mood"

"Visions from Beyond is just a very satisfying collection of death metal songs. If you’re into the old-school sound then you know exactly what you’re getting here and Old Chapel are obviously adept at delivering the goods in exactly the way that you would want them to. Recommended"

"The second album from Russia’s Old Chapel is an inherently doomish romp through the cemetery. This is the album you’ll be listening to while you’re burying the neighbors in your backyard… because they told you to turn it down"

"What I liked the most about Visions From Beyond is that Old Chapel is a death metal band that isn’t afraid to play slow songs. In fact, the strongest track on the album (“Towards the End”) is the slowest – it’s got a very doom-y feel to it that I really dig. The super distorted, sludgy riffs combined with “gargling razor-blades with acid” style vocals are certainly not something that will appeal to a large number of people. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing – death metal isn’t supposed to appeal to everyone"

"Do you like an old, morbid and manger death metal? Do you like to go to old school death metal concerts and you like more a sharp riff than a modern and technical death? The OLD CHAPEL are here for you. This new album doesn´t make something original, however it brings us the old manners of death metal in a way you would love. Links to an old faithful bands, sick voice, a huge drive and furiousness. This is what I think about while listening the "Visions from Beyond"

"Pleasantly buzzy riffs lurch and chug their way through most of these tracks, with the occasional solo that harbors a bit more melody. The old school feel is genuine, though it’s not plagued by production issues, giving it enough grit and ugliness without sacrificing the discern the different instruments. All in all, it’s nothing outside of the old school box, but it’s effectively done and should draw in fans of the sound"

"More death metal? Yes please! Especially when it’s this good! Old Chapel are a little early Entombed-ish coupled with a slight flavor to my ear of Scream Bloody Gore era Death. Overall this is heavy and good old school death metal that I thought was pretty damn great!"

"The album features nine songs of early to mid nineties death metal with some doom elements mixed in to some of the songs. The guitarist knows how to write and perform heavier mid paced style and sound, but also is adept at a faster paced style in a few of the songs. The drumming is done in the same vein going from thunderously heavy to smoothly mixing together middle paced and faster paced beats. The vocals are totally old school death metal growls that fit well. If you are a fan of the mid ‘90s US death metal scene then you will definitely add this album to your collection"

"In the veins of Dismember, Old Chapel‘s ''Visions From Beyond'' can stimulate your ears and brain to go through your days with rhythm and deep vocals. A good album to have in your playlist"


released November 7, 2016



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Old Chapel Иваново, Russian Federation

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